Kirkhill Primary School


Water Butt

Our water butt is up and running again! Thank you to John, our janitor, for spending so much time fixing it. We collect rain water and use it to water the plants in and around the school, reducing our water usage.



At Kirkhill we have water hippos installed in every toilet cistern.  This device reduces the amount of water flushed away after each flush.Water Hippo

All our plumbing has now been updated within the school. The taps are all standardized sprinkle taps to save water.

We encourage children to bring their own water bottles every day so that they have access to clean, fresh drinking water during class time.

The Philosophy group are organising a water day on Wednesday, 8th June. There will be a few fundraising events including children dressing up in blue for a small donation to Water Aid. More information to follow.

The Eco Committee would like to run a programme to ensure everybody knows how to wash their hands properly.

Clean Hands