Kirkhill Primary School

What we have been learning in Nursery this week. (w.c. 24/8/20)

Hi All!

I have taken some lovely photos of what we have been getting up to in Nursery, however, due to IT challenges, I am unable to upload them for now!  I will keep trying in the hope I can get them to you by the weekend.

We have been learning about butterflies, their life cycle and their symmetrical wings!  Children have been doing some symmetrical butterfly paintings and enjoying the life cycle jigsaws.

We have had the train set out this week and children have made some great layouts!  Lots of co-operative play and sound effects.

We have managed to get outside all week and put up a shelter and our home made kitchen within in.  Pots, pans, mud pies and cakes all made expertly on the mud kitchen cooker.  The sand pit has played host to much cake making too.

Children are settling in well at lunchtime, chatting and enjoying each others company and having a good look at what each other have in their lunch box!  Like we all do!

So all is jogging along nicely.  One day we can have you all in for a proper nose, but until then, please keep the communication going between yourselves and the Nursery Team and hopefully, when they come, our photos will also help you to develop a picture of what goes on in our Nursery.

Thank you for your support and help.

Nursery Team.

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