Kirkhill Primary School

Writing, measuring, baking, ordering….

…what a busy few days!

This week we launched our new ‘Message Centre’ with little messages being posted and received in the class! It’s been  great to see some emergent writing and some of us have been trying to write each other’s names too. Shout out to JJ who posted a staggering 20 letters in one morning! 🙂

We have also been exploring measure, balance and size order through our play. We have been measuring each other and using size vocabulary, exploring balance in the Willow Garden and when baking and we harvested some tatties today and a few of us tried to order them from biggest to smallest.

We learned another two sounds – p and n so have now learned the first set of sounds! Little sound cards will be coming home soon for you to practice at home.

Looking forward to seeing those who can come along for the information evening tonight at 6pm.



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