Kirkhill Primary School

WWII Family Evening

On the 6th of February the P7s will be hosting a WW2 event with hot food which will be corn beef hash and some shortbread as a dessert. The p7s haven’t stopped working since they came back from the Christmas holidays. They are still working for your entertainment on the night and behind the scenes. The class is looking forward to the evening and hope will enjoy it as well and maybe leave donations as P7 have put a lot of money towards it. There will be a short play and the rest of the night our fabulous and talented entertainment team will entertain you, along with some songs and personal family wartime stories. Tickets are limited because of space in the hall so only parents and siblings can attend, if there is some left maybe grandparents or any others could come along. We will only find out nearer the time.


We are looking for donations for our raffle for the evening. Please send them in when you can.


Yours sincerely,

Logan and the Promotions Team

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