Kirkhill Primary School

A new visitor for Developing the Young Workforce week.

A new visitor.

We all had a visit from Mrs Brockie, Doug’s Mum. She brought in strips from her beehives, farmers make these to make sure that they can get as much honey from one beehive as possible.

She also showed us duck, hen and goose eggs so we could compare them. The goose egg was much bigger than the other two. Mrs Brockie told us there was as much in one goose egg as there is in three hen eggs.

Mrs Brockie also took in some hay and straw for us to smell and spot the difference from them , she explained that people used straw for the bedding of  horses,cows,sheep,rabbits and lots more animals!!.  We got some honeycomb with LOADS of honey from Mrs Brockie she allowed us to taste her honey from her own farm that she has!!!. Mrs Purvis allowed us to taste the actual comb. Some people said it tasted “nice” some people said it was “horrible” Mrs Brockie told us that if the honeycomb is covered with white chewy hard stuff that meant that it was the BEST of the comb and honey!.

After our little adventure with Mrs Brockie, we had to say goodbye for the day! Everyone had some fun with it and hopefully we can say Hello again!. It was a HUGE experience for all the Children.

Reporter: Molly Finlayson P6

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