Kirkhill Primary School

A Special Visitor in our class!

Today we discovered a new member of the P1 team… Can you tell someone at home who this is?


Bramble Berry came with a little note explaining that she had heard about an amazing little team in Kirkhill who visit woods every week and know lots about the trees and animals. Apparently this team are very kind and helpful too… We suddenly realised that Bramble Berry was looking for us! She wants to learn more about the changing seasons on planet Earth and we have agreed to try to help her!

We all drew pictures of where we thing Bramble Berry has come from and then some of us wrote her notes and letters with question marks on them. I think we want to find out more about this mysterious elf!

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    Natalie Southern


    Jack was very excited to tell me about bramble berry today. Looking forward to hearing more about their adventures.


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