Kirkhill Primary School

A very festive day!

Today we used our brand new fire pit for the first time! We learned about how to light and be safe around fire. Can you tell someone at home some of our safety rules? Here are some questions to ask your child…

…would you ever use matches or a fire striker without an adult?

…how do we sit beside the fire?

…what is the fire circle?

…how do we move when we are invited into the fire circle?

We enjoyed out scoot around the school and our lovely hot chocolate too. All cups should make it home tomorrow! For lunch we all wore our party hats and enjoyed our delicious Christmas Dinner and shared a few jokes. Can you remember a Christmas joke?

We have our party tomorrow, children can change at lunchtime in school or they can go home with you to change at 12.15pm if you would prefer. Just let me know in the morning.

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