Kirkhill Primary School

Bramble Berry!

Yesterday we walked into class to discover that Bramble Berry had left us something special! We discovered a copy of the ‘Enchanted News’ newspaper and we saw that there was an intriguing job advert… The Enchanted Forest was looking for 17 part time fairies and elves. The applicants needed to be kind, a good listener, have a sense of fun and be a fantastic reader. Ronan thought that it was describing us so we decided to turn ourselves into fairies and elves and apply!

We made these amazing characters and began to have some very thoughtful conversations as we worked. Some children started discussing clothes and gender stereotypes and we soon realised that there are no such things as boys clothes and girls clothes, there are just clothes that some people like and some people don’t like. Someone else pointed out that there was also no such thing as girls haircuts and boys haircuts, there are just haircuts!

Today we developed our characters further by naming them and describing them to everyone. I was blown away when some of our little learners started using the language of values and talked about the school values of open-mindedness, respect, friendship, responsibility, truth and honesty and perseverance.  I think you’ll agree that they are amazing! Unfortunately Eilidh and Isla G missed the photo shoot some how so I just took a photo of their finished character.


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