Kirkhill Primary School

Icy decorations!

Bramble Berry has been a little confused about the strange white stuff that is sticking to the grass, trees and and bird table outside our window. We told her about how water changes to ice when it gets really cold and we even discovered what we call the number before 0! Can you remember?

We are making some icy decorations to hang outside our classroom, we know they will only work if it’s another night of minus temperatures. Fingers crossed for another freezing night! Maybe you could make your own before you go to bed tonight?

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P1 this week!

What a week! This week we have been…

building with our new construction set

thinking about kindness and raising awareness of anti-bullying week by wearing our odd socks

estimating and checking different amounts

learning about the movements of the earth and moon around the sun

investigating the frost and ice in the willow garden

learning the sounds j and ai

learning  about squirrels, dreys, predators, prey and habitat loss in the woods

showing respect towards nature by standing SILENTLY for ages to watch two squirrels playing beside us!

Thanks to everyone who came along on a cold, wet November evening for our literacy and numeracy workshop!


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Christmas Fayre – Saturday 30th November 11am to 3pm

Please come and join us on Saturday 3oth November at our Christmas Fayre!

Each class is making a hamper for the fayre and we are still looking for donations for these.

Nursery/P1 – Chocolate

Primary 2 – Christmas

Primary 3 – Baking

Primary 4 – Gardening

Primary 5 – Cosy Night In

Primary 6 – Beer

Primary 7 – Spa


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A Hodgeheg in the woods!

Today Bramble Berry came with us to the woods. She brought a little friend for us to meet…

Can you remember who her friend was?

Tell some one at home about hedgehogs and hibernation! Can you use these words?







We played a game to help us remember how the changing season affects hedgehogs.

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Parents Appointments in P1

We don’t have official parents evening in P1 this term as we have had various workshops on offer but if you ever want to have a chat about your child’s progress or if you have any questions please just get in touch. We have a Literacy and Numeracy event next Thursday 14th November from 6pm-7pm in the P1 classroom. Please come along at 6pm and bring your child if you want to, they can join in too!

We are still awaiting some P1 Health Questionnaires for the school nurse, please return these ASAP.

Looks like a chilly day for the woods tomorrow, please dress up warm! 🙂

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A Special Visitor in our class!

Today we discovered a new member of the P1 team… Can you tell someone at home who this is?


Bramble Berry came with a little note explaining that she had heard about an amazing little team in Kirkhill who visit woods every week and know lots about the trees and animals. Apparently this team are very kind and helpful too… We suddenly realised that Bramble Berry was looking for us! She wants to learn more about the changing seasons on planet Earth and we have agreed to try to help her!

We all drew pictures of where we thing Bramble Berry has come from and then some of us wrote her notes and letters with question marks on them. I think we want to find out more about this mysterious elf!

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P1 Literacy and Maths Workhop

We would like to invite you all to a literacy and maths workshop on Thursday 14th November from 6pm-7pm to find out more about how we deliver it in class and how you can support at home. Please bring your children with you if you want, it will be as interactive as possible!

I’m aware that trying to get a time to suit everyone is tricky, please feel free to join us when you can during the hour or get in touch and I can always arrange a time before or after school to go over it with you.

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