Kirkhill Primary School


Primary 3 have been writing poems about the woods and the owls that live there.

Today we redrafted our favourite poem with some beautiful handwriting and illustrations.

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Bug Hunt

We visited the woods this afternoon and we were very lucky that it was dry.  We searched for bugs and checked them off on our list.  We used magnifying glasses to help identify the smaller insects.


The children were excited to find so many different insects.  They searched under dead branches and found centipedes and spiders.  The tree bark was an another great place to find bugs particularly slugs.

Let us know what was your favourite bug you found today.

In free play there was some den building, hide and seek and pretending to shoot bows and arrows.

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Wildlife of the woods

This week primary 3 have been busy creating wood crowns with different leaves and found objects in the wood.

Then we played “Who am I?” each child had a label with a living thing and had to ask questions to find out what they were.

After that the children organised themselves into food chains. They work out the predators, prey and producers.

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Tree ID

Last week Primary 3 were comparing the trees they found at Upper Reelig with the trees at Achnagairn. We made tally charts of our findings. It’s great to see the children becoming more confident identifying the different types of tree.

Tally chart – lots of beech trees

We found an oak tree.

In free play they had a great time building dens.

Using ropes to hang up tarps
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