Kirkhill Primary School

World First Aid Day

Primary 3 have been learning about first aid today.  Doctor Alice Scriven and two medical students came to teach us.

Here are our photos and what we learned (in our own words).

999 to call police, ambulance or fire brigade.

Paramedics work on the ambulance.


Teddy wasn’t breathing properly and an oxygen mask was put on to help him breathe.

He was listening to his heart beat and fast it was going.

Alana is wearing a monitor that shows your heart rate, beats per minute, and how much oxygen is in your blood.

Crocodile had a cut in his back and it needed stitches to be fixed.

Leon broke one of his bones and needed a large bandage.

The dog had a sore leg which was bandaged and taped up.

I’m listening to my teddy’s heart beat.


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P3 this week

In the morning we do soft start which allows the children to choose from a variety of activities and play.  This week we have had construction activities, mapping with chalk outdoors, play dough and coding games on the Chromebooks.

In literacy the children are learning to take notes while they listen to information. We have been learning about Fairtrade.

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Primary 3 today

Today we shared the story Only One You.  The class thought about things that made them unique.  In art we created fish with individual patterns thinking about how we are all different.

Today we began learning about 2D shapes – discussing the shapes we know and building shapes and shape pictures from sticks outdoors.

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Primary 3 have been writing poems about the woods and the owls that live there.

Today we redrafted our favourite poem with some beautiful handwriting and illustrations.

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Bug Hunt

We visited the woods this afternoon and we were very lucky that it was dry.  We searched for bugs and checked them off on our list.  We used magnifying glasses to help identify the smaller insects.


The children were excited to find so many different insects.  They searched under dead branches and found centipedes and spiders.  The tree bark was an another great place to find bugs particularly slugs.

Let us know what was your favourite bug you found today.

In free play there was some den building, hide and seek and pretending to shoot bows and arrows.

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