Kirkhill Primary School

Feis comes to Kirkhill

Our teacher’s name is Carrie and this week we got to play instruments.
Some people played the guitar.
Some people played the violin.
Some people played the mandolin.
Some people played the ukelele.

It’s on every Tuesday.

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Making Boardgames

We all created boardgames using our imagination. We had to make instructions and a background story telling why you’re playing. We had to pretend that we were explaning to someone who dosen’t know how to play a boardgame to see how well we explained what to do.
Now we get to play!
by Lucy

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Micro-tyco winners

We won the micro-tyco challange out of the primary schools in Scotland and the entire class is so happy and so proud of themselves.
£739.10 !!!!!!!!

See this link for where the money goes.

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Fairground rides

Last week on Monday for technology week we had a whole week to make Fairground Rides. We all had partners and had to work together to make a Fairground Ride. We used circuits and cables and elastic bands. Even though a lot of us were stressed, it still worked out to be amazing!

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