Kirkhill Primary School

Super Scientists continue on their mission.

This term, we have started a Science block looking at Changes in Substances.  Over the last two weeks we have been carrying out experiments specifically looking at physical reactions.  Today, we were investigating heating and cooling using a range of different materials.  We then looked at our findings and determined if it was a reversible or irreversible change.

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Lots more shapes

It was our final lesson in this Shape block today and we were allowed to choose an activity to support or extend our knowledge.  Some of us were investigating nets to make open cubes.  Some of us were assembling nets of strange looking shapes and joining them together to make a cube and some of us were using square based pyramids to see if we could make a cube.  At first, we couldn’t see how joining our shapes would or could make a cube.  We had to use our problem solving skills to figure it out.  It was hard but we managed!


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Tetrahedrons, Octahedrons and Dragons

We had so much fun in practical maths building nets for 3D shapes.  In the first few weeks of term we were building easier shapes such as cubes and cuboids.  Over the last two days, we have moved on to 3D shapes with triangular faces, such as tetrahedrons and octahedrons.  Today, we used our skills to build a “snap dragon” but we were disappointed to find that it didn’t actually snap!

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John Muir Award – Mini-beasts

P7 have been drawing mini-beasts on to large boards ready to be cut out and painted by each class.

P1 – spiders, P2 – ladybird, P3 – snail, P4 – butterfly, P5 – worm, P6 – bee and P7 – dragonfly

These will be displayed on the fence beside the KIRKHILL PRIMARY sign

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STEM Youth Engagement Team

Thursday 25th May 2017

We had a great morning making lego vehicles and programming them to travel around the mats in the classroom.

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Safe Highlanders – Transition Event

A fun morning was had by all finding out about safety at Cameron Barracks, Inverness.  Groups moved around 8 stations, spending 10 minutes at each.  The stations visited were SSE, Police Transport, Internet Safety, SEPA, Fire Brigade, Rail Safety, Construction and Drugs & Alcohol.

It was good to mix with P7 pupils from our cluster.

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