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Today we had a visit from John Darcy who works for the NSPCC. He came in to discuss the four types of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual and neglect.


Firstly, he did an assembly with the infants and then the upper school. He then came into P7 to give us a workshop. He went over each type of abuse in more detail and went over where and how to find help if we ever needed it. The discussions were excellent, and John was impressed with the levels of engagement from all children. Well done P7.

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World War Two Helmets/Hats

A huge thank you to Fraser, Iain’s Dad, who came in this afternoon to show us his (or part of) incredible collection of WWII helmets and hats from all different countries. We each had our own hat and learnt about where it came from and it’s purpose. We also had the chance to ask Fraser questions about the war, he was so knowledgeable. Thank you very much Fraser for coming in and sharing your enthusiasm and interest in the war.

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Sustrans – BikeAbility at Kirkhill

Today we welcomed Iain into our school. He came to talk to use about the effects different transport has on the world and to encourage us to use our bikes more. He is going to work closely with the school to help fix our bikes, take us out on local trips and create a bike club. If any parents would like to help out with this, please be in touch with the school. We need volunteers!

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Today some of us got to use our new Maths resource; Numicon. The key to using Numicon is visualisation and it supports LOADS of mathematical and numeracy concepts. Numicon is made up of ‘shapes’ which make numbers. Odd and even numbers look different and they are all in different colours.

One group were learning about the four operations and another group were using it to learn about square numbers, prime numbers and multiples. A big thank you to Mrs MacMillan for coming in and helping us today as our ‘parent helper’.

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World First Aid Day – UNCRC Article 24

On Saturday 14th September, it is World First Aid Day. In celebration of this, and with links to our UNCRC article of the month, Article 24, today we had Gavin Daschofsky in to deliver a lesson in first aid. Gavin works for Fire Rescue. He told us about the acronym:







Ask us what each means. The first is as important as the last in an emergency situation and it is important we complete each step in order.

We got to put each other into the recovery position and practiced giving CPR to a dummy. 


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Numeracy Card Game

Today we learnt a new card game called Starfish. Ask us how to play it. It is lots of fun for all of the family (P3 upwards perhaps). It can be as easy or as challenging as you make it. We started playing to learn and some of us ended up rather competitive…

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Welcome Back!

We have had a busy start to the year. We have been helping our buddies and break and lunchtime, learning lots about the UNCRC (ask us to see if we remember what that stands for) to support us in creating our class charter, completing baseline assessments, organising our Pupil Profiles, swimming, watching a production of the Jungle Book and lots more. 


Keep an eye on our blog for updates of what we get up to 🙂


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Buddy Trip to the Woods

If you go down to the woods today…you’ll get very wet!

We had a lot of WET fun in the woods today. It was P1s penultimate visit and we went along with them for lots of free play fun. We looked for bugs, jumped in wet leaves, squeeeeezed through branches in trees, made spider webs from ropes, drank hot chocolate/tea/hot juice and got very wet. We loved every second and left feeling very content.

Thank you to our buddies for having us along, you all know SO much about the woods and how to keep safe in there. Thank you also to Mrs Haines and the parent helpers for their organising and support (and to Mrs Dunthorne for kitting us out last minute with waterproof clothing and shoes…).

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