Kirkhill Primary School

Developing the Young Workforce with Robertson Group

On January the 31st, we had Jade come and she taught us about a company called Robertson Group. Within this huge company, is a construction firm who build houses, schools and hospitals. We learnt about the opportunities the construction industry has. Jade was here to help develop our skills for life and work. She told us about the skills we learn in school and how important they are for our future. We had to design a tower which would make a profit and figure out which designs would be better for making profit. We had to create a tender sheet and hand it in by a certain deadline (which put us under pressure) and had to work as a team. We all enjoyed the experience and it was interesting as we learnt more about ourselves. Thank you to Robertson Group for coming in.

By Liam and Calum P7

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This week we have also been undertaking quizzes to determine which animal we are best represented by. Ask us what animal we are and why.


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