Kirkhill Primary School

Dinosaurs are here!

After some discussion and playing the children decided that they would like to learn more about dinosaurs.  This also coincided with an exhibition that was being held in the town’s museum which many of the children visited.  The children are very knowledgeable already about these reptiles that lived many millions of years ago and  have extended their learning by finding out which dinosaurs were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.  To extend their knowledge even further we invited a geologist to visit and show us fossils and stones, that are thrown up into the air by volcanoes, which led on to further children talking about volcanoes.  Last week, therefore, we started to make a papier machie volcano, which will eventually be used in an experiment, after the children have had a chance to play around it.  Last Wednesday we had a visit from a local artist, who took great pleasure in showing us how to draw, paint and mix colours for a dinosaur.  Please come into the setting to look at the paintings and remember to look through our Floor Book on dinosaurs, which is hanging in the cloakroom, and leave a comment which is always useful …

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