Kirkhill Primary School

DYW Week

During DYW week we had lots of visitors including a project manager, digital marketing manager, a pharmacist, a farmer, a scientist and a chartered surveyor.

Some of the interesting things we got to experience were

  • Home-made honey tasting session.
  • A ‘scientist of not quiz’ where we had to decide who was and was not a scientist by their appearance.
  • DNA coding.
  • Designing property floor plans.

To finish off our DYW week, Lee Velocity came in to speak to us and the rest of the school in an assembly.

She guided us through all the equipment she needed for her ‘Match the Miles’ challenge which Kirkhill primary had taken part in. WE were amazed at how much she could fit on a bike.

Lee inspired us to follow our dreams as she had done herself. Lee cycles and raises lots of money for charity, but is also an cycling ambassador for the Scottish government. How exciting!

Written by

Ribhinn and Kirsty

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