Kirkhill Primary School

Exploring our sense of touch in the woods

It was a really chilly start but the sun came out just as we arrived at the Gathering Tree today! On the way to the woods Malia and Joz came up with a new idea for a warm up game to play so our first activity was to try out their game!

After our warm up we split into teams and took part in 3 activities to help us to explore touch, textures, describing words and trust!

We had to follow a rope trail with a blindfold on, using our sense of touch and helpful friend to guide us.

We explored textures and recorded them using wax crayons and paper. We also collected and investigated woodland objects and discussed how they felt when we touched them with our hands, cheeks and lips. We then described them and sorted them into groups.

On our way home we saw a rhododendron bush swaying gently in the breeze but one leaf was shaking all over the place really fast, even though there was hardly any wind! Does anyone know what causes this or what it’s called?




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