Kirkhill Primary School

Food and the Environment

School Lunch Food Tasting Event (05.11.19) – RRS Article 24

Today, P4 School Action Nutrition Group (SNAG) team organised a super school lunch tasting session. Thank you so much to Kath and Helen in the kitchen for doing all the cooking. We had lots of different school lunches to taste and got stamps for each thing tried. Our school lunches are nutritionally balanced meals which give children the nutrients and energy they need to perform to the best of their ability. Lots of children discovered they liked dinners they didn’t expect. We hope to see a rise in school lunches.

Well done P4!


Food and the Environment 2018-2019

Our SNAG group (Primary4) have organised that each class takes on a continent to research and try different foods from. Throughout the year, we will all have the chance to have your ‘SNAG Passports’ stamped from visiting a range of countries within each continent. P7 held theirs in November. Their continent was Europe and within that they selected 6 countries to research and select fruits and vegetables to share tasters of. Well done and thank you to P7 and all parent helpers for their hard work! What a success.


Food and the Environment 2017-18

Our SNAG group and Pupil Council have introduced the Tooty Fruity Tuesday as an incentive to get our children to eat more fruit.  Every Tuesday a parent helper will work with a few children preparing fruit to sell.  Each cup is great value at only 30p a cup.  The class who buys most fruit get Baracus Broccoli for a week.

We look at and discuss our Tooty Fruity Tuesday board at assemblies.


Some classes have regular cooking slots, P5 had a Scottish Cooking block and P6 made different dishes related to RME themes.   Our P7 class are making soup in Term 3.  Each group will make a different soup each week for their class mates to taste.



Food and the Environment 2016-2017

Our SNAG group continues to work closely with parent helpers to supply cups of fruit/veg for 30p every Friday.  Fruity Friday is a great way to get your “5 a day”.  The class who buys the most fruit receives Baracus  Broccoli for a week.

Sales have decreased in recent weeks and the SNAG group have arranged with the canteen staff not to sell toast/bagels/scones on a Friday to help boost fruit sales.







In September our Community Links group organised a Harvest Thanksgiving at our local church.  The community were invited along to this.  The group wrote invitations, thanks you letters and helped pack and deliver harvest baskets to people in the community.

The School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) held a citrus day in January where children tasted lemons, oranges and grapefruits.

citrus fruit

The SNAG group have created board games for each class called “food route games”- this is to educated children about healthy food, nutrition and energy.