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Fun in Primary 1!

What a busy and exciting week we’ve had with a birthday party, an Easter disco and lots of learning too! We’ve been consolidating our sounds and making sure we remember all the sounds we’ve learned so far. It’s great to see so many people using the sounds they know to write by themselves! We’ve also been working hard on telling the time and are getting pretty confident at matching o’clock times on digital and analog clocks. We read the book, The Giving Tree, which we all thought was quite sad… we then took a look at some tree stumps, tried to figure out the ages of the trees and created our own tree slices using colours and concentric circles.

There’s no home learning this weekend but your child should have brought home a book to share with you. Hopefully we’ll see lots of you tomorrow at the Spring Spruce Up and at the Easter Service next Wednesday afternoon. Have a lovely weekend!

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    Thank you very much! Drawings are lovely and colourful. Wishing you all a lovely holiday!


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