Kirkhill Primary School

Global Goals

30 Days Wild

We took part in the Wildlife Trust 30 Days Wild challenges. We had our own Kirkhill ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ which was lots of fun and recorded them using Padlet, you can see some of these below. We had so much fun!

Global Goals for Sustainability

We have been doing lots of work in classes to learn about the Global Goals for Sustainability and our responsibility to help achieve these by 2030. You can find out more about there here:

About the Sustainable Development Goals

Pollution to our Oceans Diorama

Lauchlan, who is in P7, has created a diorama to show the damage pollution is doing to our seas. Above, there is a ship (which he created using a 3D printer) and damaging substances going into the ocean. Underneath, he has used the 3D printer again to create items you might find polluting the sea. A powerful message and something we can all have an impact on. A great visual representation Lauchlan, well done and thank you for your photos. What more could YOU do to reduce your waste and help us meet the Global Goals for Sustainability?


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No Poverty – Sept 2017








Zero Hunger – Oct 2017