Kirkhill Primary School

Kid Zone

This is a safe place for children to access games and information regarding being an excellent digital citizen. Click on the links below to take you to the games/activities and websites for advice.


Why not try out these cool new search engines:

Swiggle (a child friendly search engine) –

Ecosia (uses the advert revenue for your searches to plant trees) –


BBC Own It app

With parental permission, try out this new app by the BBC, Own It. The BBC have launched a new app (available to Apple and Android users) which can provide support, help and advice for children when using online platforms. BBC Own It


Remember, if you see anything that worries you or you think is inappropriate, tell a trusted adult.

*do not give out personal details without parental guidance



The Digital Family Pledge

Vodafone have created a new online safety resource; The Digital Family Pledge. It is a free online tool to help families (parents included!) set good digital habits. The Pledge covers four important topics: screen time, online bullying, social media and gaming. It uses a series of quiz like questions and prompts families to discuss and agree some rules on how to act and use technology and the internet. The information is tailored towards 5 – 13 year olds.  Find the Digital Family Pledge here .