Kirkhill Primary School

Listen Well Scotland

This week P7 have participated in a 5 hour pilot workshop, split over two days, run by Listen Well Scotland. They have learnt about being active, reflective listeners and how to name and talk about their emotions and feelings. Ask us at home about something we learnt…and see if we can remember what the ‘rainbow’ signified.

Thank you to Maureen and Christine for coming in to work with us, we all learnt something about what it takes to be a good listener and how we can identify someone’s feelings/emotions through their body language (55%), their tone of voice (38%) and their actual words (7%). We all received a certificate and special wristband. Wearing this wristband is a very responsible role, as it signifies we are willing to listen and support those that need to talk.

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    Kareen Laird


    Archie found the two sessions very informative. Thank you.He is wearing his wristband with pride.


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