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Welcome back to another busy term!

This term we will be learning about Space.  This will include night, day, dark, light, sun, moon, planets, space exploration!  This week the children wanted to know all about rockets, how they work and where they can take us.

We have begun the week talking about rocket boosters, the moon and the sun, gravity and the earth’s atmosphere.

We have started to make “Jet Packs” and the Noisy Quiet Room has been transformed into the night’s sky, with the children decorating the doors with stars and planets.

If you have anything at home your child may wish to bring in, please do, it opens up all manner of discussion and learning and is just good fun to see what others play with and read.

Below are a few photos of what we have been doing in our first few days back and we will be expanding on the subject of Space in the week’s to come.

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    Ooh my that is some awesome jet packs guys. You can see the excitement in little Joz’s face. I love seeing him so happy. Thanks you x


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