Kirkhill Primary School

Out in our playground

This week the whole school are focusing on creativity!

Imagination    Curiosity    Open-mindedness    Problem Solving

Yesterday we spent the morning in the school garden! We worked in teams to build structures from loose parts, we wove beautiful shapes from found objects and we learned about fire and helped our Little People to stay warm on a chilly morning.

When we were making our fires we talked about the things that stay the same when we work with fire in school;

  • only the adult uses the fire lighting tool (for now!)
  • you need to stay behind the fire line
  • you only create fires with an adult
  • you always move slowly and calmly around fires

Over the next few terms we will start learning more about fire but this was a great introduction and everyone was very sensible and respectful around the fire. Well done! 🙂 Thanks to Lyla for taking some of the photos!

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    Wow this is fab! I LOVE their little people. I’m sure they were very well looked after ❤️


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    Aww this is absolutely brilliant!! Ronan is just amazed ?


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