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Today we were learning all about trees! We started noticing differences and similarities and had a go at naming some different species. We had time to play together and we investigated the big hole in the beech tree by the leaf pit.  Have a look at the photo of our human tree and see if you can remember the different job that each part did!

Lauren was our heartwood! What did she have to do?

What sound did the roots make? What do roots do?

Who was the sapwood? What was their job?

Can you remember who were the leaves? What did they do?

Bark was like the armour! Can you remember what it protected the tree from?



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    Jayne MacMillan


    Annie says “she and Lyla were the leaves and their job is to catch all the sunshine for the tree, the roots made a sucking noise, Arran and Malia were the Sapwood, Bark protected the tree from an animal if it was going to eat it or if humans wanted to kick it.”


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