Kirkhill Primary School

P1 News

We have had some great presentations this week! We should all have something ready to share by the end of next week! We have had a great presentation about a special holiday, a teddy and the birth of a new cousin! A reminder of what I’ll be looking for…

  • speak with a clear voice that everyone can hear
  • look at everyone as I speak
  • sound like I really know my stuff
  • speak for around one minute
  • answer questions from my friends

Carmen has also completed the timeline of her life and we have started a display so if you have made one throughout January send it in and we can share it with the class!

We have begun trying to answer our questions about dinosaurs too! We have been watching video clips for information, researching online with our P7 buddies and looking through books. If your child has any fact books about dinosaurs at home we would love to share them!


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