Kirkhill Primary School

P1 Observatory Trip – Parent Helpers

P1 Observatory Trip

Thank you so much for all of your kind offers to help with our trip next week. There is not much room at the observatory so I have had to limit the number of parent helpers who stay to support the groups. I have been in touch with the parents who will be staying  so if I have not been in touch with you to ask you to stay, unfortunately you won’t be able to come with your child into the observatory.  You are welcome to wait in the carpark until 7.30pm or get refreshment at the Culloden Moor Inn up the road.

The Astronomical Society does public viewings through the year so if you are really keen to visit the observatory you might be able to book in to one of those events.

I really appreciate everyone’s support and apologies to those who won’t be able to come in with us this time!

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