Kirkhill Primary School

P1 so far this week!

It’s been a busy few days in P1! We have now learned 3 new sounds and we even managed to read a new word today… sat! Can your child show you the action and make the sounds s, a and t? We have been thinking lots about numbers and trying out our magic counting fingers! Can your child count a group of objects carefully and see if their counting finger can help?

We have time together on the carpet and time choosing where and how we play and learn through out the day. Today we spent time in the Willow Garden and we had a lot of fun with very few resources and a lot of imagination! We have started thinking about how we could make the Willow Garden even more fun. We would like…

  • a mud kitchen
  • a willow den
  • an outdoor bookcase
  • a sand pit
  • somewhere for snails to live

I think this project might take all term but I may be asking if anyone might be able to help us by donating resources, sharing skills, volunteering time or even sharing ideas!

Everyone has been very  confident in the morning so I think next week it would be great to see parents leaving their child at the cloakroom door and allowing them to have a go at sorting themselves out independently.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, catch me before or after school or send me an email and I’ll try you get back to you as soon as I can.

Try to find time to look at the blog photos with your child, it may help them to remember and talk about what they have been learning in school! 🙂

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