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Parent Council

Kirkhill Parent Council

The next meeting of the Parent Council will be on Date to be Confirmed
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Parent Council FAQ:

What is the Parent Forum and Parent Council?

– Every parent with a child at the school is a member of the Parent Forum.

– The Parent Forum can choose to have their views represented through a Parent Council.

– Parent Council is a smaller body that can represent parents’ views to the school, local authority and HMIe.

What does the Parent Council do?

– Support the school in its work with pupils

– Gather and represent the views of parents and carers

– Encourage links between the school, parents and carers, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community.

– Be involved in appointment of senior staff

What can the Parent Council do?

– Work in partnership with one another and the school for the benefit of all children

– Provide a voice for parents in schools and in their local authority on issues which are important to them and their children

– Help the school to understand how to most effectively involve parents in their children’s learning and in the life of the school

– Support the school in developing strong home / school partnerships

– Capture the wide and varied skills, interests, knowledge and experience parents can offer

– Fundraise

– Assist at and organise events

What the Parent Council is not:

– A group with responsibility for what goes on in school

– A group to which the Head Teacher is ‘accountable’

– A group independent of other parents

– A group which ignores the views / wishes of the majority of parents

– A group which majors on the views / wishes of a minority of parents

– A group which seeks to ‘divide and conquer’

– A single interest group