Kirkhill Primary School

Photos from last week!

Last we were…

  • experimenting with ropes and pulleys to see if we could get the lunch basket along the line like Mr Grinling in our book!
  • noticing the changes to the woodland over the year that we have visited it
  • meeting P6’s little chicks
  • creating 2D shapes
  • counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • foraging for wood sorrel – can you spot the difference between sorrel and clover?
  • organising and patiently awaiting a tesco delivery!
  • planning and creating delicious sandwiches!

This is what P1 wanted to write on the blog last week…

“If you wrap the rope around a tree, if you do it two times it would be stronger.”

“We made a zipline. I used a long rope.”

“We made a crazy knot, I just made it up but it was good.”

“The basket only went half way. It stopped in the middle. I thought I could pull it down and it might slide.”

“I think I made a double granny knot, it’s like a really hard knot you can’t undo!”

“A fankle is a a big muddle.”

“Our one was super low, the basket couldn’t even go along it.”

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    Marna van Tonder


    Joz loved making his own sandwiches and have ask to make us all sandwiches for dinner one night – night off cooking for mum. Thanks Mrs. Haines x


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      Primary 1


      Love an easy dinner! Well done Joz!


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