Kirkhill Primary School

Primary One Classroom

Primary One Classroom.

Just a quick reminder to anyone who hasn’t already logged onto the Primary One Classroom.

If you have technical problems, please email Ms. Haines and she will see if she can send you revised links.

It is part of our Transition, and if we had been at school, the children would have had great opportunity to spend time with Ms. Haines and each other, getting to know the classroom their new teacher and just start to feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

Obviously we can’t achieve that in quite the same way, but Ms. Haines has put up some lovely activities and is there to chat and answer questions from parents/carers and children to make you all feel more at home and part of your new little community that is “Primary One.”  I think you will all enjoy the “togetherness” it brings.

So have a go and join in at whatever level you feel you can, if only just to see the chat and what others are doing.

Kind regards,

Nursery Team.


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