Kirkhill Primary School


Today P7 joined us for outdoor learning in the woods! We started off by showing them a part of the woods which was special to us…. Almost everyone chose to share the leaf pit! We then started learning more about the red squirrels who live in the woods; we’ve spotted them a few times and so wanted to learn more about them.

We played a game that helped us to learn about habitat loss and how it affects the red squirrel population in the UK. Can you explain the game to someone at home? Here are some key words to help you…

  • squirrel
  • forage
  • dreys
  • predators
  • humans
  • grey squirrels and squirrel pox
  • building
  • forester
  • habitat

At the end of the game we were standing quietly together talking about what we had been learning when suddenly Callum in P7 spotted a very welcome guest! A red squirrel was playing in a tree close to us!

We enjoyed our snacks and hot juice before having some time to play in the woods together. It was lovely to see everyone playing together, I think the P7s had as much fun as the P1s! I really loved how comfortable P1 are in the woods and how proud they were to share their knowledge of the woodland and the creatures who live there. 🙂

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