Kirkhill Primary School

Sustaining Our World

2019 – 2020 Sustaining Our World

We are all learning lots about our world and how we can make important changes to our lives, which can effect our future. We see it on the news, in the newspapers, on the sides of bus shelters and all over social media. Our oceans and forests/jungles need US and they need YOU (UNCRC Article 29). Click on the ‘Eco Schools’ tab to listen to a song which relates to this.

In school, we are learning about our rights as children and about living more sustainably and our role in meeting the Global Goals.

P6 have been using their Chromebooks to do some research on renewable energy.


2017-18 Sustaining Our World

Fairtrade fortnight March 2018

We sold chocolate chip muffins which P6 Fairtrade group baked and hot chocolate as well as our usual Fairtrade Tuck shop goods.



2016-17 Sustaining Our World

Our Fairtrade group continues to hold a Fairtrade Tuck Shop every Wednesday where they sell a variety of Fairtrade products.

The Fairtrade group received their FAIR ACTIVE award in January 2017 by taking part in the 90Kg Rice Challenge.  They sold 90Kg of Fairtrade Kilombero rice and by completing this challenge Kirkhill Primary School has enabled a Malawian Farmer to send a child to school for a year.  Well Done!

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2015-16  Sustaining Our World

Our new Fairtrade Group held a short whole school assembly on Friday 8th October 2015. Pablo the Super Banana was introduced to the school.

The Fairtrade group were awarded “We are a Fair Aware School” certificate.


The Fairtrade Group have now started a Fairtrade tuck shop and are raising awareness of Fairtrade issues around the school. Fairtrade goods have now arrived at school and our tuck shop is now open every Wednesday at morning  break. The Enterprise group and Fairtrade group  run the tuck shop.  They will apply for Fairtrade status later on in the year.

Mrs Hilditch has been working closely with the staff and has purchased books about Sustaining Our Environment for staff to use with their classes.