Kirkhill Primary School

World First Aid Day

Primary 3 have been learning about first aid today.  Doctor Alice Scriven and two medical students came to teach us.

Here are our photos and what we learned (in our own words).

999 to call police, ambulance or fire brigade.

Paramedics work on the ambulance.


Teddy wasn’t breathing properly and an oxygen mask was put on to help him breathe.

He was listening to his heart beat and fast it was going.

Alana is wearing a monitor that shows your heart rate, beats per minute, and how much oxygen is in your blood.

Crocodile had a cut in his back and it needed stitches to be fixed.

Leon broke one of his bones and needed a large bandage.

The dog had a sore leg which was bandaged and taped up.

I’m listening to my teddy’s heart beat.


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    Suzi MacDonald


    Looks like you all learned loads today, Abby was delighted that she was able to bandage up her dogs leg!


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      Primary 3


      They did and enjoyed being able to help make the teddies better.


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