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WWII Evacuation Day

Wow! What a day. Lots of fun from beginning to end.


Today, P7 came into school dressed up as evacuees, ready for a WWII themed day in class (or so they thought). Within the first 10 minutes, the air raid siren had sounded and all children were evacuated. They were then put through an intense ‘selection’ process with the Billeting Officer and local land women and housewives. All children were thankfully taken in by a local family and were then asked to collect their things; not forgetting their gas masks and identify tags. We then got on a bus, waved goodbye to our parents and were on our way to a location that had not yet been disclosed.


We ended up at Fort George, where we were met by a serving solider who guided half of the class around the Fort, whilst the other half did a workshop based in the Highlanders’ Museum. We then swapped over. We were immersed in the life of a soldier during WWII and during modern day. 


A super day which evoked lots of emotion which we will now use to write diary entries. 


Make sure you ask us about our trip! What did we feel/think during certain parts of our day?

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    Kerrie Laird


    Fabulous day! What a great idea! Kaylea had a super day. She told us all about the selection process and her trip. Look forward to reading the diary entries.


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